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Sharrod Neasman

Executive Ambassador

Sharrod Neasman, a professional football player for the Atlanta Falcons, has been an advocate of The Academy of Kings since 2014.  He has given more than $10,000 to our mission of strengthening families and uplifting communities.  His primary passion is based around serving the youth.

“I just want to give them the opportunity to experience life in a new way.  Even if it’s just shaking their hand, or sharing words of wisdom with them.  I know how much it would have meant for someone to do it for me.”


Eric Teagan

Platinum Ambassador

Eric believes that a man’s word is all that he owns in this world; he has vowed to stand by his.  Practicing what he preaches is what he calls it.


Timothy Barrett

Platinum Ambassador

“I believe in the mission of The Academy of Kings.  Males knowing who they are in God is a crucial subject we are slowly drifting away from.”


Regan McCook

Gold Ambassador

Regan desires to see the hearts of males go back to the home.  As a single mother, she understands the importance of a male.

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