High Performance Leadership Strategist

Marq Neasman Sr.

Marq Neasman is a High-Performance Leadership Strategist who works with males in differing professional sectors (business, education, sports, health, military, and religious) to help them create a strategic personalized leadership development plan to ensure growth personally and professionally with quantitative and qualitative measurements. With over 15 years of experience in human development, leadership, and communication sciences, I've helped over 1,000 males increase revenue, amass influence in their professional/personal life, create genuine relationships, and find work/life balance all through my leadership development program. As a charismatic speaker, Marq delivers compelling presentations with polished visuals that are tailored to inspire audiences to take massive action and redefine themselves. Blending his depth of knowledge in business and leadership with relatable experiences, he connects with diverse audiences and challenges them to pursue excellence, and purpose, in business and lifestyle. His innate ability to penetrate the hearts of buyers and producers is driven by his passion to see people develop beneficial strategies that produce the best outcome for their business and lifestyle. Marq holds a degree in business communication, he is also a certified leadership professional, certified financial professional, and a licensed minister.  He sits on several boards for not-for-profit organizations and he is now working on his second book, The Four Stages of Manhood.  Neasman is a former professional quarterback with an amazing story of growing out of poverty.  He has dedicated his life to serving males in business, leadership ,and manhood. As a social entrepreneur and Founder of The Academy of Kings: Male Leadership Group. A company based out of Orlando, FL., that specializes in HPL (High-Performance Leadership) Coaching for male professionals.  He is also the Founder of The Academy of King Preparatory School. SPECIALTIES: Process Improvement, Leadership Psychology, Persuasion and Influence Science, Personality Traits, Business Strategy, Negotiation and Communication Science, Finance Education, Neuropsychology, Male Development, People Management, Change Management, Strategic Thinking, Planning & Delivery, Nonverbal Communication, and Relationship Building. To find out what Marq can do to serve YOU & accelerate your human capital email, or call 3214245897