Leadership and the Law of Recognition

When it comes to success…Leadership and the Law of Recognition go hand-in-hand.  The ability to recognize the purpose of people that are around you is critical to your development and sustainability as a leader and producer.

Would you agree…that most of the time, you know what it takes to get where you are going?  I think it’s fair to say there’s no question about that.

But what I think we fail to realize, the majority of the time, is what it takes to stay there.  Ahhhh!

Consider this…We see failure to sustain in marriages all the time..

You’ve seen it before. The couple falls in love then they get married.  Shortly afterward they lose love, then file for divorce.

More over, we see it with in the first 90 days of a new hire on the job right? You get a new team member.  Pay is good.  Later they realize they are not happy.  First they are moody, then roductivity decreases.  Then they are out the door.

These scenarios repeat themselves numerous times through out all areas of life.

Sometimes these incidents come from the self sabotage that is created when a man does not understand the law of recognition.

The Law of Recognition is a concept I first heard by Dr. Mike Murdock.  This powerful tool will help you to develop your keen sense of identification no matter the arena!

Here’s what the law says…If you fail to recognize a person or thing in your life, you can never honor them.  If you do not honor that which has entered your life, they will never be celebrated.  That which is not celebrated will soon leave your life!

Powerful right!

Think about it King.  Leaders will admit there are few things they dislike more than being in an environment where you are unappreciated!

Well the same concept applies for those that are in your life.  You have the potential to push people from your life if you don’t carefully examine those around you.  You an even push your purpose away from you.

Based on my continuous study, every great leader is also a great visionary. Visionaries possess the gift of recognizing the talents in others, putting them in situations to maximize their potential, and empowering their team to thrive on their own; with little governance.

Activate the Law of Recognition in your life today and watch the greatness that surfaces.

Be sure to message me and let me know all about your results King.

Until next time.  Fix your crown, and rule the day!

-Marq Neasman Sr.


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