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a male advocate program

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Our Mission

The Academy of Kings mission is to promote family structure and strengthen communities. We desire to serve through education, intervention/prevention, and spiritual guidance, while fostering innovative support, and grooming family leaders.

The Academy of Kings, Inc

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Just $12/month, for a year, can ensure our youth are able to participate in all yearly events and be truly impacted by our program.


Our food pantry is run on donations completely. Every contribution counts.

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The Round Table hosts a yearly Men's Retreat.  All donations go toward making this event rich and life changing.

The Academy of Kings, Inc is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We receive the majority of our funding from private donors like you. Your contributions are critical to the day-to-day functioning of our mission. We need you if we are going to be effective in making a positive impact in our community.  Thank you for your compassion and we greatly appreciate your interest in making a tax deductible contribution to our organization.

There is no greater joy than the experience of reaching back to help another from their current state.  In doing so, we accomplish things on so many levels.  We raise one's self worth. we share respect and love. we allow others to see an act of God.  

-Marquel Neasman

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