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You want more! We all want more! God wants more!  It's our nature to desire greater things.  This easy read will open your eyes to God's heart concerning favor, so that you can reach the fulfillment of who you were called to be!

Here's why: It's my passion. My desire is to see individuals grow more in the understanding of God's kingdom. I desire for this book to reach millions of people. It is my prayer that this message and these tools reach the hands of everyone. Not just those who are longing for a closer relationship with God, but those who have never even thought about it.

I want you to find that freedom and sense of purpose you've always wanted. I want you to write your own success story. Then, years from now, I want you to remember this powerful book that ignited your fire to grow in God.

The application of this book has already changed countless lives. Including my own. Your life can be next!

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The Academy of Kings mission is to promote family structure and strengthen communities. We serve through education, intervention/prevention, and spiritual guidance, while fostering innovative support, and grooming family leaders.

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