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a male advocate program

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Our Mission

The Academy of Kings mission is to promote family structure and strengthen communities. We desire to serve through education, intervention/prevention, and spiritual guidance, while fostering innovative support, and grooming family leaders.

The Academy of Kings, Inc

Click here to be directed to our Mentoring Connector. Here you can fill out a contact sheet and we will be in touch with you in a matter of 72 hours.  

Will you respond?

At year end 2013, black males had higher imprisonment rates across all age groups than all other races and Hispanic males.  In the age range with the highest imprisonment rates for males (ages 25 to 39), black males were imprisoned at rates at least 2.5 times greater than Hispanic males and 6 times greater than white males.

 Whether a person would humble them selves to admit or not, all people desire direction and discipline.  It comes down to the source in which we get the information from. 

The average young man in a juvenile correctional facility spends over 1650 hours in detainment.  That is a lot of time these youth are wasting that could be use toward unlocking potential, honing talents, and bringing a sense of pride to their home and community. 

All it takes is one hour a week to alter the life of an under-served youth. Find out more about how to join our staff and help change lives.

All mentors will be expected to complete an orientation training prior to their engagement with our students. Additionally, our mentors are invited to meet for bi-monthly meetings that are entirely discussion-based. Our meetings allow our mentors to share their experiences in order to learn and support one another in their growth.