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The Academy of Kings was designed with inner city youth and communities at heart.  We desire to service the family, bring social sources to neighborhoods, and uplift communities.  It is our belief that when one sets out to influence children, the family must be incorporated. By getting the family involved we can evolve the entire household, making an even greater impact on the individual child.

People in their very nature are inquisitive.  The goal of education should be to ascend in knowledge of purpose, as it is in this way that we find personal success and gratification, and also compel our communities to higher levels.  We at The Academy of Kings, Inc. seek to facilitate this advancement of growth.  The main theme of our teaching philosophy is purpose-driven thought.  This may be somewhat eclectic and resist traditional philosophical views.

Whether in the classroom or in meeting groups of general public, our goal is to encourage thinking and acting “with purpose, on purpose.”  Our approach comes from years of studying the most successful people on Earth.  It is not wealth that makes them successful—that is only a bi-product of their discipline, diligence, and faith.  At The Academy of Kings, safety and productivity are the two primary concerns when dealing with children—these are top priority.  We believe that the building of self-esteem and self-worth must be a continual practice. While we know that education is the way to power and freedom, there is also a clear understanding that spiritual guidance is an essential portion of balance in life.  Our life mentors apply Christian principles to groom the morals and character of our families.

Along with education and spiritual guidance, The Academy of Kings also has an extensive history in sport, and a firm respect for the lessons and benefits that come from being active in them.  A healthy lifestyle is proven to restore the mind and body, developing well-balanced individuals, who bring a sense of pride and belonging to their community.  Fitness provides individuals with an outlet from the harsh realities that life can sometimes unfold.

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Our Mission

The Academy of Kings mission is to promote family structure and strengthen communities. We serve through education, intervention/prevention, and spiritual guidance, while fostering innovative support, and grooming family leaders.

The Academy of Kings, Inc

Meet the Founder

Marquel Neasman Founder and President

about the organization

Marquel Neasman is an licensed minister, certified leadership coach, entreprenuer, and philanthropist, from Bradenton, Florida.  He graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Communicaitons.  Neasman has been involved in mentoring for 12 years now, and has recently taken his passion into the education field.

The inspiration of The Academy of Kings came after Neasman worked as a case manager for two years and seen how families would suffer due to voids in the home; particularly the absence of a male figure. His goal is to build a private school named, "The Academy of Kings: Male Business and Leadership Preparatory".  The building of this school will allow him to fulfill his mission of instilling the pillars of godly manhood into the lives of our youth.   Thus developing and maintaining the lives of our communities with respect to male's purpose for existence.   

"The greatest thing a man can do on this earth is be a successful husband and father. Every part of manhood prepares one for these two prominent roles.  It is my firm believe that an individual will almost always struggle to accomplish their purpose in life if they are never given an image of it.  In one's image is his purpose.  In one's image he finds security and belonging. The prison system has an 80% male incarceration rate.  That tells me it is full of men that were never given a vision...My desire is to annihilate this epidimic phenomenon"